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Re:  UCC Eternal Essence Filing March 18, 2013

UPDATE:  3/19/13, Link for Freedom Reigns radio show where this filing is discussed is HERE.  Click on “Download this episode”.

From the radio show… The “Debt Release” is not the main point of this filing; also, any “debt release” mentioned in this filing is more of an energetic debt release.  Furthermore, Heather advised that we not put any energy forth on “debt” (especially as there is none, technically), and focus on abundance.

During the above-referenced radio show, some where asking about the money or prosperity funds and how that fits in with this filing.  The filing of this document ‘clears the decks’ and sets the energetic foundation for the money, for the new financial system.  This has to happen first.  The abundance of our new paradigm may come in many ways; however, it cannot come into the old ‘matrix’, as then it would just be corrupted.  The matrix has to shift first, even if only energetically and thus imperceptibly to many…this is enough to ‘set the space’.

Our Star Family have often talked about how the new financial system will help buoy all people and provide a stable base for Joy and our healing, in preparation for the next steps of our Ascension.  Then, as I see it from my perspective, the beginning of ‘no money’ will be when the Free Energy technology is firmly established all over the planet.  If money is simply energy, how will Free Energy change our lives?  It ripples, once you think about it.  Can you imagine what our world will be like with free and unlimited power, for everything from our vehicles to our homes to our stoves?

The next step toward no money will be when we have First Contact, and our Star Families provide replicators for each and every one of us, as they’ve talked about in their messages.  By this time, all will have already been introduced to the idea of manifesting–living within and working with the energy we ‘swim in’, and internalizing that, as matter is energy, creating different forms of matter, whether it’s a nice sofa-sleeper for Aunt Joan’s visits, or a nice cup of tea, “Earl Grey, hot”, is just a matter of re-arranging energy.  Then later, when we are fully ascended in 5D, we will be able to re-arrange energy and create matter with our own thought energy, without the replicator tool.  Instant manifesting.

This is the ‘wow!’ stuff that the panel on the above radio show were alluding to, I believe.


Although the messengers from the Galactic Federation of Light had always said our freedom would be achieved through legal means, I never in my wildest imagination thought that our 5D BE’ing-ness, our Ascended Souls, would be declared and then be unrebutted in the Uniform Commercial Code!!

Today’s filing is the legal equivalent of a meditation for setting the Intention of the declarations therein.

To me, this is the declaration that we are Divine, free and transparent 5D Beings, and also free of any debt and/or negative energy of our former selves…including karma. By reading this aloud, we are declaring that we are free to ascend.

You are Free to Move About the Galaxy.

Indeed, there may still be 3D constraints to our Beingness.  However, declaring the intention that we are free psychically and spiritually is the necessary first step.

This document, and others created and filed by the OPPT serve two purposes: the legal 3D declaration and the spiritual 5D declaration/Intention.  Both are necessary as we bridge the shift between old and new paradigms.

Let your heart open while you read this aloud…see what happens.

The copy from D’s link is easier to read, please click HERE to read the UCC Eternal Essence filing.

Meanwhile, this week’s Poof states that some folks are under house arrest, which Tom Heneghan’s blog also reiterates, specifically regarding Hillary Clinton (H. Clinton under house arrest, unconfirmed).  I also keep seeing references that Christine Legarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is refusing to allow the IMF to launder any more cabal money.  And, what may be a pivotal game-changer, the first EU bank run seems to have started over this past weekend, on Saturday, 16 Mar 2013 in Cyprus.  It appears Cyprus banks will remain closed today, Monday, for a holiday, and also Tuesday and Wednesday.  Long enough to make people nervous, I would think.  Depositor accounts have been frozen as well, I read in one article, which for 3 days, just won’t do in my book!  More info on Cyprus HERE or HERE.

I see any bank run as a good thing, tho’, because the collapse of the bank is the collapse of the cabal.  That is the point where we can finally install the new financial system and restore prosperity and positive energy to earth.  Poof hints that the shift to the new financial system will happen quickly and without too much discomfort:

“By all that I have, the end has come with new beginnings in the same moment.”



PeoplesTrust1776.org – legal filings and actions by the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT).

OPPT-In.com – educational and reference material for the OPPT UCC filings.

Removing the Shackles – OPPT Q & A March 5, 2013 with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf.  This link not only provides some good, overall information about OPPT, it also imparts to the reader an idea of the 5D vibration that is part of Heather’s BE’ing, and thus part of the UCC filings.

ShiftShaper.org/FreeAtLast – this link is a dynamic list of all OPPT related radio shows and interviews.


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Benjamin Fulford, 4 Mar 2013: Queen Elizabeth II in Hospital to Avoid Former “Black Pope” Targeting Her


I enjoy reading Benjamin Fulford’s 3D news and intrigue, there’s always lots of world history involved… although I don’t always resonate with his 3D perspective on how things will turn out.  I don’t usually comment so much on what he says that I don’t agree with, usually letting it flow through, but I feel guided to put in my 2-cents at this point, and commenting on other points as well.  Click HERE for Fulford’s update for this week.

I didn’t realize a former “Black Pope” would continue to be such a nuisance, my goodness.  I guess he’s always had a dedicated pocket of dark energy supporting him, though. That’s what he’s used to…although he must be getting on in years as well…maybe he’s 80+ years now also…?  I also thought Fulford’s reference to Kolvenbach was interesting because, as in a full circle kind of thing, he’s one of the first cabal fellows I commented on here on my blog, when I learned from the author of Vatican Assassins about how the Vatican Jesuit Society, led by the “Black Pope”, was even behind the Zionist NWO agenda.

I was getting today that the conclave of cardinals have no idea of the depth of the truth of the Vatican/Roman Empire for the past 2000 years, with the NWO agenda & eugenics and all. I’m feeling they will be told once they’re all assembled, however…maybe that’s one of the reasons they’re all convening in such a hurry.

Fulford stated again that Queen Elizabeth II has actually already surrendered to the Light forces (“is cooperating” with the White Dragon Society), although it looks like he’s still banking on her abdication…I guess that would make it ‘official’. Enjoying his back-story info from MI5/CIA, etc, as usual. I had a feeling also she was wanting to get out of traveling and appearances this week, especially with Kevin Annett/ITCCS.org ready with arrest warrants.

Fulford says President Obama will be next to go; this is where we differ.  He seems to keep forgetting that it’s the central banking crowd who really pulls the strings in the US as well as in the EU, including Obama’s. It’s the US Federal Reserve that is the next cabal target, in my playbook. We need to finish what Kennedy started: close the Fed, and Obama is in alignment with that. Obama knows that in order to bring down the banking cabal casino, they have to be ‘forced into bankruptcy’ first.  That’s why he’s “presiding over the bankruptcy of the United States of America”. One of the reasons he’s being so loud about it and forcing this budget issue and being so ‘dramatic’ is to wake people up to what is actually going on. Putting the pressure on Congress and getting the people mad at everybody–even himself–is keeping the pressure on the cabalists to keep coming up with alternatives. Finally at some point they’ll run out of options, then their old system will be ‘bankrupt’ and that’s when they surrender and they’re done; that’s when the new financial system can kick in and the old banking casino and banking-corporate govt. collusion will be put to rest.

Obama isn’t here to let things quietly go back to the status quo amongst the “cabalists in control”, just to be nice or conciliatory.  After winning the election, and with the cabal on their last gasp, those days are over.  He has much more reign now; they know, and he knows, their time is up.  He just has to pester them enough to help them overcome their inertia built up over thousands of years.  And don’t forget, members of Congress are just as much puppets as Obama was.  If Obama seems impatient and in a hurry, it’s because he wants to hurry up and make those announcements just like the rest of us.

Actually, the Fed has long been bankrupt, and in the Fall of 2012 they were foreclosed upon within their own manipulative UCC, but getting the word out without Obama getting killed (like JFK was for the same reason) and having more violence in the US is proving to be quite the time-consuming challenge in the mainstream paradigm, although we’re getting there with the OPPT supporters growing and sharing like wildfire. So, Fulford’s “cabalists in control of the Washington D.C. corporate government” are actually the central banking wizards, which are the owners of the Federal reserve banks, which in turn, are the big banks.  He knows this.

Not sure what Kerry is doing yet, although it may be a distraction and/or trying to flush somebody out. If Obama is going to Israel to give Bibi the riot act about being the world’s biggest whine-y-baby paranoid thug, what Kerry seems to be doing is not in alignment with that.

Meanwhile, I’m intending that the new energy head will get serious about the new technology that Mr. Keshe has already told them about and help usher in the real technology changes for our energy needs in the 21st century. Intending that the new EPA head will get serious about the stupid and unlawful geo-engineering programs like the high-altitude aerosol spraying (“chemtrails”) and put a stop to it once and for all. Intending that the new budget director is savvy enough to know that it’s the business of the Federal Reserve that has our budget in ‘crisis’, not the bits & bytes of revenue, spending and creating a few jobs here & there.

Thanks, Ben.  Onward & Light-ward.

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Open Letter to BEing Lew, BEing Obama and the One People

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden talk with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew in the Outer Oval Office, following his swearing-in ceremony in the Oval Office, Feb. 28, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden talk with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew in the Outer Oval Office, following his swearing-in ceremony in the Oval Office, Feb. 28, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Dear Treasury Secretary Lew:

Is President Kennedy’s EO 11110 still valid or not?  Regardless, The Federal Reserve has been bankrupt for some time and has now been foreclosed upon for the benefit of the One People.

You know this.

Let’s finish what JFK started and End The Fed.


Dear President Obama:

Here’s how we fix your ‘budget crisis’, “Executive Order 11110 should have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level…”.

You know this.

Let’s finish what JFK started and End The Fed.  Do it now.


Dear One People of the US:

President Obama is encouraging We The People to persuade Congress to ‘do the right thing’. It’s not about taxes or loopholes or revenue or spending. Executive Order 11110 is the Right Thing.  It’s about derivatives and fractional reserve banking, illegal securitization and LIBOR fraud, money laundering and insider trading.  It’s about closing down a financial system that has become a casino and allowing a new one at-the-ready to come to the fore.

Now, WE know.

Let’s finish what JFK started and End The Fed.


It is only through a critical mass of Intention by The One People whereby any kind of ‘mind-meld’ will have the desired effect, whether Jedi or Vulcan. It is up to the People, not one man. EO 11110 is the key.

The Federal Reserve Banks are private credit monopolies, not government institutions, departments or agencies. Created in 1913, they are a cartel, and they have hijacked the world’s financial systems and economies, not to mention that of the U.S.A, where they live and breathe. By way of this cartel’s very own lower-vibrational Jedi mind tricks, every citizen has unwittingly consented to this hijacking, and therefore every soul a slave to their perpetual enslavement energy, including every baby born, in perpetuity.

Talking budget bits and bytes or Income-Statement-Speak does not solve this problem. It is the energy behind it that we must address. Thankfully, JFK did it His Way with EO 11110. We only need enforce it.

In an unconfirmed comment made at Columbia University on 11/12/1963, ten days before his assassination, President Kennedy allegedly said:

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight.”

President Kennedy was assassinated on 11/22/1963.

Let’s finish what JFK started and End The Fed. Resurrect and Enforce Executive Order 11110.

Congratulations, Secretary Lew.  Now get busy!

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics


Reference, and text for EO 11110 can be found at this ecclesia.org link, JFK vs. The Federal Reserve.

Wikipedia’s EO 11110 entry says that President Reagan’s EO 12608 in 1987 revoked EO 11110, whereas the ecclesia article above said it did not.


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Obama’s Jedi Mind-Meld Comment at Sequester Press Briefing

Vulcan mind-meld


President Obama’s Jedi mind-meld comment during the Q&A of his Sequester press briefing, Friday 1Mar2013, at the 18:30 min mark, sure did lighten his doom & gloom talk from the previous weeks.  It seemed to get lots of excitement from the sci-fi geek contingent, here’s one article, especially on twitter, and even the WH social media staff got in on it and posted a pic on twitter about it, with the tweet, “We must bring balance to the Force”.

The tweet pic even had two phrases on it, reminiscent of verbiage from both Star Wars and Star Trek, with appropriate fonts and everything.  My, aren’t they timely?!!

“These cuts aren’t the solutions Americans are looking for.”

“To deny the facts would be illogical.”

I’ll show you some Solutions, Mr. President…

Even Leonard Nimoy got in on the action when he tweeted“only a Vulcan mind meld will help with this Congress.”

Whether staged or not, Obama will take any opportunity he can to send out a nod to us Disclosure Activists, and it’s very much appreciated, on my part…although I know I can say on behalf of all of us, it’s time to Make It So.

And I might add an aside here as to why I’d like to get this show on the road…I’d like to remind The Force that the elder clones are not keeping up like they used to…Bush was in the hospital for quite a while; a Pope has resigned after 600 years of no interregnum (Matthew Ward’s February message talks about Pope’s resignation and how the Pope clone is failing); and now the Queen of England is in hospital.  Indeed, those pesky stomach bugs are a good excuse to change out a clone, but unfortunately for the elders, “their cloning days are over” (- #37).  Matthew Ward also comments regarding the Pope, “replacement clones are hard to come by these days”.

Yes, Hillary got a new clone, according to my 5D sources via #37, although No, she will not be running for President in four years.  Her days of public service are over, as well.

No new news from this press briefing, except for the sci-fi metaphor of the galactic persuasion, and with Obama beginning and ending with a reminder that it’s the American people who need to persuade Congress ‘to act’.  Talk about your mind-melds.

In fact, that’s why Obama has been such a pest about the sequester for the past few weeks, to get the people pissed off and riled up enough to get some Intention going on around here.  President Obama doesn’t care if the people are pissed off at him in the process, he knows that part of his spiritual contract is to help wake people up, and usually someone has to get pretty pissed off before that happens.

When it comes to politicians, I think this mind-meld idea and commentary is going to stick.  At least for me it will!

Ready to phone home…for me that’s Lyra!


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MSM Musings


“She won’t speak to anyone,” complained a clearly bemused reporter as Maria Hutchings was “escorted” out of the Eastleigh count early on Friday morning.

I suppose she was in shock…or maybe she knows what’s coming… oooo, just got a ‘yes’ on that (goose bumps).

Nigel Farage & the UK Independent Party (UKIP) coming on strong, go Nigel! I suppose folks in the UK are quite weary of the 2 traditional ‘left’ & ‘right’ parties also. Another blow to the cabal and their traditional long-standing adolescent 2-party not-get-along…

Meanwhile in South Africa, why are the South African police such jackasses (I want to say worse)? Apparently the police corruption and abuse of the citizens is pretty well-known there, making one man paranoid and trigger-happy and leaving the world scratching their heads as to why they would fire into a crowd of striking miners as if they were at war or something, but to handcuff a man to the back of a police van and drag him along the street, while many cameras are watching, and then leave him suffering to die…are they high on something? Please somebody tell them nobody is challenging their testosterone…Chill, for God’s sake.

And in Turkey, the anti-Zionism speak is getting more out in the open into the MSM, and by the Prime Minister no less, as he calls Zionism a crime against humanity. Makes for a diplomatic challenge for the new US Sec’y of State John Kerry, as he’s arriving in Turkey to negotiate about Syria. Not to be confused with the Jewish faith, although hiding behind it, Zionism is one of the political forces borne from the 2000+ year-old Roman Empire, which in turn has been hiding behind the Vatican in Rome, whereby global control and a negative new world order was the long-term plan, especially at the expense of most of the population, which is the crime against humanity. And in a brilliant move to confuse the masses of the world, the energy behind German-based Nazism and the Jewish-based Zionism is the same.  However, don’t confuse Zionism with the Jewish faith.  Get it?

Back in the US President Obama is meeting with congressional leaders today, Friday, 1 Mar 2013, regarding the tiresome fake budget, fake debt and fake squabbling…well past the eleventh hour. What could they possibly be discussing today, at this point??? It better be about how to end their charade, which is getting really old right now, especially as news of their foreclosure and nullification is spreading like a kiss blown in the wind.


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OPPT Flash Mob Intender’s Circle


If there ever was an INTENDER’S CIRCLE, the work of the OPPT is IT…and so much more.

This is the INTENTION of our lifetime:  a global Intender’s Circle, sharing the knowledge of the OPPT UCC filings.

This is the Intention that all Lightworkers have been building toward, in earnest, for the last half-century–all the work that All have done towards teaching about energy work and energy healing, the energy dimensions, the Angels, the Masters, the Galactics…ALL of it is energy toward coming back to Prime and back to our Source I AM, wherein we are all amazing and powerful energy BEings who create and manifest whatever we need.  This is our Source, our Prime, as energy BEings, One with God and God with All.  That Oneness, that connection, is the meaning behind the statement “I AM”. Now we have the legal tools to support this Intention and bring it to fruition…one small 3D boost toward our final surge into the Higher Dimensions, our Prime, our Home.


Stronger than prayer, Intention is the resonance with positive Divine energy that what we manifest Will or Has already happened. Intention is the positive energy tool of the Light Warrior, wherein the energy of Love is stronger than fear. For those who cannot DO, Intention is just as powerful. ‘Thought is energy’ – Gregg Braden.

Here’s the Intention toward ‘flash-mobbing’ the MSM. A sustained effort is key, like Occupy. Some will DO, some will Intend, many will provide relief via ‘shifts’ of energy. All is GOoD.

RTS shackles








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Michael Tellinger of South Africa: OUR COUNTRIES ARE CORPORATIONS; The Remedy: The People’s Trust 1776, Filings and Actions

UBUNTU Liberation Movement – Unity & Higher Consciousness for a New World
The One People’s Public Trust – Guarding, preserving, protecting and implementing the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within










I realize I have not posted an overview of The One People’s Public Trust filings and actions, as my website here has been quite ‘off’ lately (and still in transition!).  American Kabuki’s posting of Michael Tellinger’s latest news prompted some thoughts, however…a convergence of the two.

Michael Tellinger, researcher of ancient civilizations in South Africa, has led a campaign recently against fraudulent and illegal banking practices in South Africa. As part of his research, he discovered, like others have, that many governments are actually set up as corporations. By and large, most citizens are not aware of this. What does this mean to the citizens, exactly? What does it mean to our laws? Our money, our taxes?

Included in this American Kabuki link I saw with Tellinger’s news about this: “The email below was written to the South Africa government on the 18th January 2013 asking for clarification on the registration of our country as a corporation.” Tellinger brings up some very good questions in this letter to a government official — what exactly are the citizens’ rights and/or responsibilities under this arrangement?

The Remedy:  The One People’s Public Trust – UCC Filings and Actions

After a 10+ year investigation, The One People’s Public Trust (The OPPT, AKA “People’s Trust 1776″) has also found the same results on a global scale, and regarding my interests, for the Republic of the USA, for the individual states, and even for local governments. Perhaps the newly appointed United States SEC Commissioner should know about this. (Ya think???)

In the Fall of 2012, the OPPT went one step further from their investigation and acted on an ingenuous remedy: Using the same system that government officials used to set up the governments as corporations, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), The OPPT filed UCC documents to foreclose on the bankrupt government corporations and their agents (central banking, mostly), effectively nullifying the entire inter-connected, colluded political/legal/banking system. The OPPT documents make it clear that their actions are on behalf of all of humanity; this is a global action!

What’s more, some of the OPPT’s filings also state that rightful governments were re-instated (referenced with “CVAC”), to replace the defunct corporate governments. Granted, ‘official’ announcements of these actions have not graced our MSM yet; however the pressure for the first announcement is building, as knowledge of these actions are spreading like wildfire.

The OPPT’s UCC filings and actions are unrebutted and unrebuttable. For the corporate governments to rebut, or even address these actions, they would have to prove that they are NOT corporations and they can not do this; hence, unrebuttable.

What does THIS mean to the citizens?  In short, it means The OPPT actions have legally, lawfully and peacefully ended a charade that has caused war, poverty, disease, false debt and economic ‘bubbles’.  And, as newly sovereign BEings, we can ‘OPPT In’ to this new paradigm by refusing to consent to the old one.

The Higher Consciousness Aspect

Now for the ‘juicy’, esoteric part.  Of keen interest to me, as a metaphysician, is the level of extra-ordinary consciousness on the part of both Tellinger and The OPPT regarding their efforts.  I definitely sense a synergy and convergence.  Not knowing them personally, I can’t really say whether they came from metaphysical or spiritual backgrounds when they started their research and investigations, however their energy and vibration now, having traversed the ‘rabbit hole’ is quite ‘elevated’, in a quantum, multi-dimensional kind of way.  Tellinger’s UBUNTU Party, for instance, promotes “Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World”, which to me definitely screams 5D goals.  The OPPT filings also are filled with what I call 5D language, which is a might confusing or ‘off-putting’ to some, especially in the context of a traditional legal document!

I may comment more on this later, but I do see this work as a beautiful example of what Albert Einstein conveyed, when he said that one cannot fix a problem with the same energy that created it.  This energy that is coming in now from these two sources (as well as from many, many others) is definitely at a 5D vibration, in my opinion, as evidenced by the verbiage and use of ‘conscious language’. While utilizing the tools of our 3D systems, they are speaking in the same terms and belief as when Jesus endeavored to convey the concepts of Oneness…that all of the Divine is not separate, not a separate ‘God-being’; rather, that Divine energy and consciousness is in each and every one of us, and we all share the gifts of higher consciousness, together, as One.  The One People.

Whether God, Planet or People, we are One…and, we are All.


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Anonymous Operation Last Resort – Anonymous Threatens Massive WikiLeaks-Style Exposure, Announced On Hacked Gov Site


What’s Up With Anonymous?  Summary of Facts 

Anonymous Operation Last Resort, video, 9:25 min

Source article - Anonymous Threatens Massive WikiLeaks-Style Exposure, Announced On Hacked Gov Site, http://techcrunch.com/2013/01/26/anonymous-threatens-massive-wikileaks-style-exposure-announced-on-hacked-gov-site/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmaing8%7Cdl3%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D262101

From the article:

Hacktivist organization, Anonymous, is threatening perhaps their biggest play ever: a massive WikiLeaks-style exposure of sensitive U.S. government secrets. As proof of their power, they announced details of the plan on hacked government website, the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC.gov).

From the video:

The contents are various and we won’t ruin the speculation by revealing them. Suffice it to say, everyone has secrets, and some things are not meant to be public. At a regular interval commencing today [Sat, 26 Jan 2013], we will choose one media outlet and supply them with heavily redacted partial contents of the file. Any media outlets wishing to be eligible for this program must include within their reporting a means of secure communications.

MSM references:

CNN - http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/26/tech/anonymous-threat/index.html

Los Angeles Times - http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-anonymous-hackers-swartz-20130126,0,3721767.story

PCWorld - http://www.pcworld.com/article/2026500/hacker-collective-anonymous-hits-us-government-site.html

My Thoughts

As are others, I’m feeling that this action is meant to be, and will be, the catalyst that will ‘force the hand’ for the first announcement about the recent government foreclosure.  This foreclosure, or nullification, was done on The Peoples’ behalf by The One Peoples Public Trust, www.PeoplesTrust1776.org.

Anonymous is emphatic in this message regarding the need for judicial reform, and, without naming the Peoples Trust 1776 group, they do mention toward the end of the video that judicial reform is already underway and must be acknowledged.  At the 8:30 mark on the video:

People whose voices emerged from the Light…these voices are already making clear the reforms that have been necessary for some time…it is these people that the justice system, the government and law enforcement must engage with; their voices are already ringing strong with a chorus of determined resolution…

Anonymous could have done a lot more and a lot worse these past couple of years; however, I feel they’ve been following the directive of the Light forces, which honors Free Will of all, including the cabal (a ‘prime directive’). Sure, most of us rather NOT honor the Free Will of the cabal; however, this is a new game, a new era, new energy, and it’s either get what help we can from the Light forces, given their ‘limitations’ by Free Will, or we have the same ol’ same ol’.

I feel like when all avenues are explored and there’s still a ‘block’, that’s when Anonymous steps in. They either clear a block or help get things started. Like other Light forces, they are reflecting the energies of the people, at each level of evolution, awareness and intent, but cannot do much beyond that. We are our own Masters…help has to be reflection, not direction.

In the US, the Judicial branch is the key to reform, like the key to a prison.  The people could charge representatives in the legislative branch and officials in the executive branch with treason or unconstitutional behavior ad nauseum; however, with a judicial branch that is also controlled and corrupted by the cabal, nothing would happen unless deemed as necessary by the cabal and their agenda, like the recent charge against President Obama of unconstitutional recess appointments, when many other Presidents before him have done the same thing (aside from the details, this is my ‘get’).

There would be no government reform using the current justice system; all three branches would have to be ‘reformed’ at once, and this was ingenuously accomplished with the UCC filings enacted by the Peoples Trust 1776, using the cabal’s own secret tool, the Uniform Commercial Code.

While the UCC filings were the reform, or rather, a replacement of the foreclosed and nullified government, central banking and legal systems, Anonymous’ Operation Last Resort is the ‘straw to break the camel’s back’, the ‘straw’ that will force the  teetering house of cards to fall…the end of the ‘straw man’.

As the new year dragged on without an announcement regarding the UCC filings, my team members and I intuited that it would take a leak to force the next step.  Secret, incriminating documents from within the US Dept of Justice seem like a pretty effective leak to me.

We’ve come a long way since our en masse clearing of Lady Justice with our Jericho Walk(1), and for all who have held that energy ever since, with intention and awareness, knowing we are just a small piece of all the different Light projects for Disclosure around the planet, I’d like to reiterate what law student Elle Woods said at the end of the feature film, Legally Blonde,

We Did It!!!

(1) Jericho Walk for Divine Justice - http://peggysperspective.com/2012/06/jericho-walk-for-divine-justice/

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2013 Ceremonial Inauguration – Obama/Biden, 21Jan2013; ‘Off-Script Leak’ in Two Speeches


My 5D sources specify that 2 individuals will go ‘off-script’ and ad-lib part of their inauguration speeches–one man and one woman making speeches. Their words will resonate with those ‘in-the-know’ about what is going on behind the scenes (the foreclosure of USA Inc. facilitated by Peoples Trust 1776, the plan to free the people, etc); however, will not be anything special to those who are unaware.

Sources were not sharing who these individuals are, however, their words will be very, very high vibrational to awakened Lightworkers, depending on their level of awareness. 

For those who are aware, these words will be an energetic pep-talk to the Lightworkers who have tireless ‘held the energy’ for so long and who patiently and tireless helped to enlighten others. Their words will bathe all Lightworkers in energy, no matter the level of spiritual or political enlightenment.  If one is aware enough to ‘read between the lines’, one will feel the intense energy coming from their words.

As the Law of Attraction is at work in all things, the level of energy felt by each person will be congruent with that person’s level of awareness.  For some, it may be very subtle, or even simply plant a seed.  In fact, the words used by our sources were ‘leak’…a “subtle leak” about what’s going on behind the scenes.  Again, those following Disclosure will ‘get it’, while those who are yet to resonate will hear a ‘regular speech’.

Although the legal documents filed by www.PeoplesTrust1776.org have foreclosed and nullified the fraudulent and unconstitutional government, it is not the right time yet to announce this to the world, hence why the inauguration will proceed as planned.

For his part, President Obama is holding the energy for this ‘sea change’, and has been for his entire mission.

Galactic Liaisons

I had also learned via a facebook friend that many have discerned that there is a cloaked spaceship on the White House Lawn.  My sources confirm this, quite emphatically, and report that it is small Pleiadian ship whose members are acting as a liaison team with the White House.  Keep in mind that Disclosure is a multi-dimensional event, and there are many parties involved.  It takes a lot to change the world!!

Uncloaking this ship in celebration of the inauguration would also be ‘too much’ for the people right now, we discerned.  As reported by the Galactic Federation of Light for many months, Disclosure will  happen in steps, and is incremental.  We will learn about our true political, scientific, and religious history before we segue into our true galactic history.

My own personal discernment this past week was that the inauguration will go on as planned; however, so will all the steps that are already in place for Disclosure, as the ball is rolling and this multi-dimensional freedom, the freedom of Oneness, cannot be stopped!



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Obama 5D Update – It’s Out of My Hands


Having technical difficulties with this blogsite so this will be brief…

Obama 5D (High Self) relayed to me via an associate on 01/12/13 the following short message regarding Disclosure efforts, paraphrased:

 It’s out of my hands, and in a good way.  I can trust what’s going on; trusting what’s happening behind the scenes.  It’s mushrooming and the ball is rolling, where there will be an avalanche of good things happening.  It’s going well.

Where Obama says it’s out of his hands, this is congruent with D/RTS reporting on 1/5/13 that a new president had been sworn in for the NESARA interim government, http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.be/2013/01/you-have-right-to-know.html:

On Wednesday, December 5th, 2012, A new American president was sworn in- to hold the office of “interim president” until real constitutionally sound elections take place. Obama is no longer the President of the United States of America and is acting as a figurehead at the moment because they have yet to announce the changes. At that point, NESARA Law was enacted and Americans have been under NESARA since then.

And it was either in the above article, or perhaps a later one, that D/RTS or TOPPT reported that House Speaker John Boehner is the new interim President.  This has been facilitated by the work done (UCC filings) by The One People’s Public Trust (TOPPT), http://www.peoplestrust1776.org/.

This is further congruent with a Summer of 2011 channeled message via Suzanne Spooner from God/Gabriel reporting that it will be Speaker Boehner making the first Disclosure announcement, with a gentleman at his side by the name of Paul Thomas, described by Spooner as a galactic emissary, whereby Mr. Thomas has a galactic soul as a walk-in, having received the walk-in about two years prior.  Here is a link for that article by Spooner, with more information, including comments from Paul Thomas’ 5D High Self:  http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/06/suzanne-spooner-update-on-u-s-disclosureascension-accord/

Paul Thomas is also mentioned in this article, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/suzanne-spooner-the-true-nature-of-the-debt-ceiling-agreement/, as having had private session meetings with leaders of both parties in regards to debt ceiling talks.

Sheldan Nidle/PAO reports from the GFL that they are waiting from the Signal from Heaven to start the announcements (http://paoweb.com/sn010813.htm).

Further, Benjamin Fulford had reported at the beginning of January, or maybe it was during the Christmas/New Year’s holidays that his sources were hinting at a mid-January announcement.  Then I see the following video on fb, uploaded to YouTube on 1/8/13 that suggests an announcement on Tuesday, 1/15/13; how’s that for mid-January!:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqpoqUZpPWc&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Finally, related 5D information from #37 emphasized that more ‘glitches’ are likely if they jump the gun on the first announcement.  They are endeavoring for a “thorough process” and “have a few more things to put in place first”.

My apologies for the technical difficulties!  Sources familiar with multi-dimensional phenomena have informed me that it’s a parallel universe thing. It seems to me that my full blog didn’t seem to ‘make the shift’ to the 4D.  I’m told that my blog is fine in a different parallel…don’t ask me which one, however, there are millions of them!  I’ve told the folks in the Higher Realms that I’ve taken note of this reminder of parallel universes and I Intend that everything will be back to normal soon.

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